October 15, 2014

Use Just One Tool for Quilted Pattern Cakes

I love quilted pattern decorated cakes! Quilted patterns vary depending on the design.  Instead of buying 20 different quilted pattern tools to get the right pattern I just use one homemade tool that does the trick.   All of these cakes were done using this method.  This is nothing new to most cake designers but thought it was worth sharing.

This angled little paper cutout is the only tool is use and it works great!  Measure the top edge of the cake 1", 2", 3" or anywhere in between.  This is important because the inches will determine the size and pattern of the quilt. Then place the angled paper to match the marked spot on the top.  Take with your veining tool or roller tool and run it along the line in one direction.  Once you are done do the same in the opposite direction.  And there you have it...as simple as that!

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