January 6, 2011

Birthday Cake
This cake was made for a repeat customer.  They saw a picture of a similar cake and loved the design.  I was able to recreate the cake but smaller scale.  Love the mixed shapes and different designs on each tier.  The colors on each tier makes this a cohesive design.  Cake flavors were lemon with chocolate, yellow with hazelnut filling and white with fresh strawberries and creamy vanilla buttercream.


Claire said...

Hi There
Your cakes are beautiful! I am just starting out myself and I have a question. Everywhere says not to put Fondant cakes in the fridge yet if you want to use a filling that needs to be refridgerated what do you do? I see on cakes shows they put their cakes in the fridge - do they set theirs to a different temperature?
Hope you can help

Thanks, Claire

Cakes by Maylene said...

Hello Claire. Thank you for the compliment. I refrigerate all my fondant cakes without any problems. When you take them out of the fridge the cakes will sweat but will dry out. Hope this helps.

Brandy L said...

This cake is amazing. I love the colors, the deocrations it's so beautiful!