October 18, 2009

Andrea Espulgar - Debutante Cotillion

This beautiful colorful elegant cake was a design requested by Rebecca Espulgar for her daughter, Andrea Espulgar's Debutant Cotillion. What a delight to work with Rebecca and Dan Agudana, Event Coordinator. Emmy Juskas, owner of Flowers To Go in West Palm Beach, provided the beautiful and exquisite fresh flowers on this cake. The Grand Ballroom at the Palm Beach Convention Center looked amazing and majestic with all the beautiful decorations and details. Let's not forget Andrea who looked incredible in her designer gown.
Many Thanks to Rebecca Espulgar, Dan Agudana and Emmy Juskas!


dan said...

Hi Maylene! you surpass my expecting for the fabulous cake you made for my event "ANDREA'S DEBUTANTE PARTY" everybody are amaze how beautiful and fabulous the cake! im so proud & happy for you, im right what i've said the first time i saw you im possitive that we gonna make this event wonderfula and memorable one! good job and i love it!

Archer and Becky Espulgar, and Nanay Elma Baldesco said...

Maylene, words are not enough to describe how grateful we are for the amazing job you did with the cake. Not only did it look fabulous, but it tasted better than delicious! The way you decorated it was perfect to the 't'. Some people thought it was just a prop, and when we started slicing it, they couldn't believe it was real. The red velvet cake was the best! Emmy Juska from Flowers to Go did an excellent job with chosing the color combinations of the flowers. Thanks you again - many of our friends Have asked us for your card! :)