September 14, 2009

Ian Benison's 40th Birthday

Alyson Benison wanted something special for her husband's 40th birthday. A poker table and a cigar incorporated two of his favorite things so this was a perfect cake for him. Alyson was truly a pleasure to work with! Birthday cake was white with buttercream filling.
Thank you Alyson!

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Alyson Benison said...

Sorry I was unable to comment sooner :( However it must be said...Ian's 40th birthday cake was AMAZING!!! Not only was it a delight for the eyes but for the taste buds as well. I gave Maylene free artist choice as seeing some of her previous work I knew it would come out the best if I let her do what she does best...and she did not disappoint. I gave her a list of my husband's favorite interests and she came up with a cake design that was sensational! Thanks Maylene for everything! I can not wait to work with you again!!!